Driggs Plein Air Festival

2024 ARTIST REGISTRATION IS SOLD OUT. Please email to be included on the waitlist. Workshop slots are still available but going fast! The 13th Annual Driggs Plein Air Festival will take place for registered artists from July 17-27, 2024. Public Festival dates are Sunday, July 21 – Saturday, July 27th. Plein air workshops will be offered by Suzie Baker, David Koch, and Michael Keyes. Artists and collectors enjoy many activities like the extended Exhibition & Sale, Opening Reception, Quick Draw Competitions, Workshops, Paint-Outs, Competition Awards Ceremony, and Closing Reception.

2024 Driggs Plein Air Registered Artist Roster

Mark Alldredge, Darrell Allen, Francis Ambrose, Katelyn Baird, Anne Becker, Tori Bennett, Margie Brackin, Denise Bradley, Barbara Brandenburg, Denise Busony, Nanci Charpentier, Jude Chilen, Liz Covairt, Ericka Davidson, Daniel Driggs, Daved English, Alicia Finlayson, Katy Ann Fox, Nancy Glover, Carolyn Granger, DeLee Grant, Bonnie Griffin, Eileen Guernsey-Brown, Gunther Haidenthaller, Mimi Hamilton, Judy Heusner, Daniel Hidalgo, Kara Hidalgo, Zach Hixon, Julie Hochstrasser, Karen Jacobsen, Brian Johnson, Betsy Keyes, Michael Keyes, Edie Lewis, Louisa Lorenz, Blake Luther, Jay Mace, David Marty, Nicolette Maw, Joanna McCoy, Jean McDonough, Teri McLaren, Trish Melander, Steve Merten, Dianne Merten, Bobbi Miller, Michelle Nixon, Ruth Nordstrom, Nolan Parson, McKenzie Paxton, David Peacock, Daniel Potter, Jerome Quenneville, Maria Ressler, Patricia Romines, Mary Russell, Bryce Samuelson, Ryan Schoeck, Ginger Shell, Susan Simpson, Leah Spence, Seth Spencer, Steve Spencer, Kelly Sullivan, Emily Thomas, Sue Tyler, Lane Valiante, Cynthia Van Stein, Thomas Van Stein, Helga Watkins, Andy White, Lura Wilhelm, Joyce Wilson, Emma Woolstenhulme, Marina Zavalova, Teresa Wade

2024 Judges: Suzie Baker and David Koch

Driggs Plein Air Competition Event Information

2024 Detailed Schedule 

July 21 - Sept 20
EXHIBITION & SALE - Driggs City Center Gallery | *Teton Geo Center after August 5

July 27 - Sept 20
ONLINE EXHIBITION & SALE - Final Competition Paintings –

Artist Check-In at Driggs City Center, 60 South Main Street, Driggs

Wednesday, July 17 • 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Thursday, July 18 • 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Friday, July 19 • 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Saturday, July 20 • 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Sunday, July 21 • 9:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Wednesday, July 17

9:00am-4:00pm • Michael Keyes Plein Air Woodblock WORKSHOP at Moose Creek Ranch, Victor

10:00am–12:30pm • Kids Plein Air Painting WORKSHOP for ages 8-16 taught by Teton Arts at Bates Boat Ramp -

Thursday, July 18 – Friday, July 19

David Koch Plein Air Painting WORKSHOP, Location TBD

Saturday, July 20 – Sunday, July 21

Suzie Baker Plein Air Painting WORKSHOP, Location TBD

Sunday, July 21


Driggs Plaza, 60 South Main Street, Driggs

Free concert with jazz and R&B band The Shift from 6-8pm

Monday, July 22

10:00am–12:00pm • PAINT OUT at Grand Targhee Resort, Alta, Wyoming

Use your free chair lift ticket to meet fellow artists atop Grand Targhee Resort with stunning Teton Views.

4:30-6:00pm • OPEN STUDIO with Tamara Callens, Downtown Driggs Association offices at 91 East Little Avenue across from King Sushi

View the works of renowned local artist Tamara Callens and learn about her plein air techniques and inspiration

Gallery and Tent Exhibition and Sales  9am – 6pm, Driggs City Gallery

Tuesday, July 23                                                  

7:00-11:00am  •  QUICK DRAW, Downtown Tetonia

Check in at Ruby Carson Memorial Park, 3103 Perry Avenue

2:00pm •  PEOPLES CHOICE QUICK DRAW AWARDS, Outdoors at Driggs Plaza

Gallery and Tent Exhibition and Sales  9am – 6pm, Driggs City Gallery

Wednesday, July 24

7:00-11:00am  •  QUICK DRAW, Location to be announced

12:00pm •  QUICK DRAW AWARDS BY COMPETITION JUDGES, Outdoors at Driggs Plaza

Gallery and Tent Exhibition and Sales – 9am – 6pm, Driggs City Gallery

Thursday, July 25


Submissions due at Driggs City Gallery

Gallery and Tent Exhibition and Sales – 9am – 6pm, Driggs City Gallery

Friday, July 26

Driggs Plaza, 60 South Main Street


9:00am • 3:00pm – PEOPLES CHOICE JUDGING

11:00am • 3:00pm – ARTISTS CHOICE JUDGING


6:00 • 7:30pm - FREE DOWNTOWN SOUNDS CONCERT with Black Rock Wind Quintet

Gallery and Tent Exhibition and Sales – 9am – 8:00pm, Driggs City Gallery

Saturday, July 27

9:00am-4:00pm – ARTIST CHECK-OUT

Gallery and Tent Exhibition and Sales – 9am – 12pm, Driggs City Gallery

Sunday, July 28

9:00am-12:00pm – ARTIST CHECK-OUT

Gallery and Tent Exhibition and Sales – 9am – 12pm, Driggs City Gallery

Plein Air Festival Sponsors

Downtown Driggs Association is grateful to Driggs Plein Air sponsors who make this beloved annual event possible!

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